Career Development

It’s pretty simple, really. Young people are key to vibrant communities and thriving economies. So we do everything in our power to develop their skills and increase the employment possibilities for disconnected youth in our area – young adults who are full of untapped potential and big dreams but who face even bigger challenges with fewer opportunities. We offer the following job related programs and services to all foster care and juvenile services participants through age 25 and to all other eligible Maryland residents ages 16 to 24:

ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Job readiness skills, soft skills, whatever they’re calling them…you need them. New Pathways offers training in essential skills including but not limited to:

  • Communication & Language
  • Professionalism & Dependability
  • Work Ethic & Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Personal Habits & Interpersonal Skills
  • Management & Leadership
VOCATION PREP: New Pathways offers a 36-hour career development course, which includes intensive instruction on:

  • Career Assessment and Planning
  • Job Search
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills
  • Employment Applications, and more
CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS: New Pathways provides training in an expanding list of accredited certification programs. We concentrate on teaching marketable skills for industries where there is the most opportunity for employment and room for advancement including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare Mentorship Maryland
    • Certified Nursing/Geriatric Assistance
    • Patient Care Technician
    • Medical Front Office (LEAP)
  • Childcare (LEAP)

For more information on current certification programs offered through New Pathways, click here now.

JOB AWARENESS: Our Workforce Development Staff (WDS) regularly notifies our young clients of workshops, job fairs, training sessions, and job postings, all of which could lead to full time employment. The staff also provides transportation to job related events whenever possible.
JOB PLACEMENT: Using the New Pathways Computer Lab and working closely with our Career Development Staff (CDS), our young clients are enabled to do comprehensive job searches and complete online applications. Our CDS maintains partnerships with various employers who share job opening information as it becomes available and help facilitate the setting up of job interviews and job placement.
EMPLOYMENT RETENTION: The CDS works with newly employed New Pathways participants to insure job retention by helping them overcome barriers to maintaining their job. Barriers may include childcare needs, transportation, education, and other skill gaps.