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Next Step Housing Services

The Next Step Housing Initiative is a Volunteer-led initiative of the New Pathways Program, focused on the furniture needs of foster youth’s start in their aftercare period.  The program  begins at the transition point from foster care, with youth meeting the Volunteer Coordinator, who helps select start-up apartment furnishings, and assist with the move.  Program graduates can select from such high need items as microwave ovens and cookware, baby items, bedding, vacuum cleaners and window air conditioners.  Furniture needs are often selected from donated items—clean and in good condition.  The Coordinator will deliver the items to the new apartment, and assist with moving the furniture.

Contact:  Carol Yocum, Program Coordinator

410-464-2600 x 224

New Pathways and you. Journeying together.

Just because you age out of or graduate from one of our programs, doesn’t mean we stop caring. The young people we serve know they can always come to us for continued moral support; emergency financial support; job search and professional advice; counseling and guidance. Our door is always open. At New Pathways, we want to create for our clients the kind of invaluable social and professional networks so many of the rest of us take for granted. In doing so, we hope to give them as adults a chance at opportunities they never had as kids. That’s why all our alumni are cherished members of the New Pathways community…for life.

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